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The Schizophrenia Research Forum web site is sponsored by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation and was created with funding from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health.
Note: This index lists summaries of some of our Research News stories, written in plain English for lay readers.
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Neurotransmitter Levels Lower in Older People With Schizophrenia
17 April 2015. Research from postmortem brain tissue has long suggested that people with schizophrenia have abnormalities in a particular kind of brain cell...

New Role Uncovered for Mental Illness Protein DISC1
10 April 2015. Researchers have identified yet another function for the disrupted-in-schizophrenia 1 (DISC1) protein...

Digging Deeper Into the Cause of Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia
11 March 2015. Researchers have found strong evidence that abnormalities in a particular type of cell play a big role in cognitive difficulties...

Imaging Study Confirms Long-Suspected Schizophrenia Hypothesis
4 March 2015. Evidence has suggested that dopamine alterations are more complex than originally thought...

Studies Probe Brain Changes in Early Schizophrenia
24 February 2015. Two new studies provide insights into the structural and functional abnormalities found in the brains of people who have recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia...

Multiple Disorders Share Common Brain Network
10 February 2015. The brains of people with different mental disorders may be more alike than different...

Study Finds Increased Brain Activity in Schizophrenia
3 February 2015. A recent study found that abnormal brain activity in people with schizophrenia mirrors similar irregular activity seen in animal models of the disorder...

Finding the Biology Through the Genes in Mental Illness
29 January 2015. Over the past five years, researchers have begun to find the changes in DNA that increase risk for psychiatric disorders...

Schizophrenia Gene Suspect Tunes Attention in the Brain
5 January 2015. A molecule associated with schizophrenia may tune the brain's ability to pay attention...

Searching for an Antipsychotic With Fewer Side Effects
22 December 2014. For many people with schizophrenia, antipsychotics improve their symptoms, but at a very high cost: severe side effects...

Schizophrenia Risk in a Dish
12 December 2014. Researchers now know that over 100 regions of the genome contribute to risk for schizophrenia, and more remain to be found...

Psychotic Symptoms In Young People Portend Later Problems
2 December 2014. Researchers have developed a set of criteria describing people who have an "ultra-high" risk of developing a psychotic disorder...

IQ Study Finds Environmental Footprint in Schizophrenia Risk
26 November 2014. One clue about who is at risk for developing schizophrenia comes from a person's general level of intelligence before he or she becomes ill...

Study Finds That Drug Response Depends on Severity of Psychosis
17 November 2014. People with schizophrenia do not all have the same level of symptoms...

Resting-Brain Scan Could Be Biomarker for Schizophrenia Treatment
14 November 2014. Antipsychotic drugs can usually subdue psychosis, but it can take a while for doctors to find the right drug for their patients...

The Life of a Spine: Neuron Communication and Schizophrenia
4 November 2014. Neurons collect information from other brain cells through intricate, tree-like projections known as dendrites...

Unpacking the "Placebo Problem" in Antipsychotic Drug Trials
23 October 2014. The placebo effect is a powerful and well-documented phenomenon...

Study Disentangles Learning Problems in Schizophrenia
14 October 2014. People with schizophrenia have problems with thinking and learning, which makes it difficult for them to live independently...

What Can Hearing Loss Tell Us About Schizophrenia?
10 October 2014. Many of the risk factors for developing schizophrenia can make a person feel socially isolated...

Mixed Signals Suggest New Strategies for Depression
9 October 2014. The balance of two neurotransmitters released by the same neurons may tilt a brain toward or away from depression...

Beginnings of a Blood Test for Psychosis
8 October 2014. A new study suggests a panel of blood markers that could be used to identify those at most risk of developing psychosis from among people showing mild symptoms...

Study Claiming Genetically Distinct Forms of Schizophrenia Called Into Question
3 October 2014. The hunt for the genes that contribute to schizophrenia has turned up an array of suspects...

Reading Skills Decline in Schizophrenia
18 September 2014. As part of their illness, people with schizophrenia develop problems with thinking processes such as memory, learning, and understanding...

Study Links OCD and Schizophrenia
9 September 2014. The boundaries between psychiatric disorders may seem well defined, but the reality is that many people have symptoms of more than one disorder...

Electroconvulsive Therapy Is Promising for Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia
9 September 2014. A new study offers some hope that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), along with clozapine, can reduce the severity of psychosis in treatment-resistant patients...

1 to 25 of 91 results

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