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Note: This index lists summaries of some of our Research News stories, written in plain English for lay readers.
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Zebrafish Behavior Helps Identify New Candidate Antipsychotic Drugs
7 July 2016. Treatment options for people with schizophrenia have not progressed much since the initial discovery of antipsychotic drugs....

Widening the Genetic Net to RNA Snags Schizophrenia Risk Gene Candidates
12 May 2016. A new study in Nature Medicine published May 9 has identified likely risk genes for schizophrenia on chromosome 10....

Gene On, Gene Off: Epigenetics and Risk of Schizophrenia
11 May 2016. Schizophrenia's genetic roots appear to lie not so much in damaged proteins, but rather in perturbations to when and how often genes are turned on....

Schizophrenia Risk May Be Predicted by Performing Worse in School Than One's Family
19 April 2016. A new study shows a person's poor cognitive performance relative to his or her family members is associated with a higher risk of developing schizophrenia....

Studies Converge on SETD1A as Schizophrenia Gene
23 March 2016. Two studies have converged on the same gene, SETD1A, as a major risk factor for schizophrenia....

New Study Finds Schizophrenia Risk Gene TCF4 Regulates Neuronal Activity
16 March 2016. A new study provides insights into how a gene that has been repeatedly associated with schizophrenia susceptibility regulates the activity of neurons....

New Study Examines Relationship Patterns in People With Psychiatric Disorders
4 March 2016. Results from a new study show that people with psychiatric disorders pair with partners who also have a psychiatric disorder more frequently than would be expected by chance...

Researchers Reverse Cognitive Symptoms of Schizophrenia in Mice
26 February 2016. Researchers at Columbia University have now succeeded in preventing memory impairments in a mouse model for some aspects of schizophrenia...

New Molecules Could Be Used to Test Schizophrenia Hypothesis
25 February 2016. Several lines of research suggest that decreased activity of NMDA receptors may lead to symptoms of schizophrenia...

Large Study Ties Genes to Variable Lithium Response in Bipolar Disorder
15 February 2016. Lithium is a first-line treatment for bipolar disorder but only works well for about one-third of patients...

Immune Genes Tune Schizophrenia Risk and Brain Development
28 January 2016. A new study connects three seemingly separate observations about schizophrenia...

Study Proposes New Way to Study Psychotic Illness
15 January 2016. A major complication in finding better treatments for severe mental illness is that the diagnostic categories do not map onto any known brain biology...

Study Probes Brain Circuitry of Anhedonia
6 January 2016. Many people with depression and schizophrenia no longer find pleasure in or motivation for things they used to enjoy...

Methylation Marks Sites of Schizophrenia Risk
15 December 2015. A brain cell and a skin cell have a common ancestor cell and contain the same genetic DNA code, so why are they so different?...

New Study Complicates Infection Link to Psychosis
2 December 2015. Studies have shown that women who have infections during pregnancy are more likely to bear children who many years later have a psychotic disorder...

Immune Cells Linked to Psychosis
18 November 2015. A new study points to brain cells called microglia as contributors to psychosis symptoms...

Bipolar Neurons Show Signs of Disease, Predict Response to Lithium
4 November 2015. Lithium is effective at calming the mania associated with bipolar disorder—when it works...

The Brain Circuitry of Relational Memory Impairment in Schizophrenia
28 October 2015. People with schizophrenia tend to perform poorly on tests of long-term memory that require establishing relationships between items...

Thalamus Connections May Hold Hint of Future Psychosis
25 September 2015. Prior to a first episode of psychosis, a person usually experiences milder symptoms for months or even years...

Immune Activation Simmers in Schizophrenia Brain
4 September 2015. An immune activation simmers in the brains of those with schizophrenia...

Non-Invasive Stimulation Reworks Brain Waves, Improves Cognition
19 August 2015. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) can induce normal neural activity and improve flexible thinking in people with schizophrenia...

Brief Glitch in Brain Development Leaves Enduring Mark
29 July 2015. A transient glitch early in brain development can have long-lasting consequences...

Finding Depression Genes in the Most Severely Affected
29 July 2015. A multinational collaboration narrowed a pool of study patients to women with schizophrenia in China with the most severe and stubborn form of depression...

Can Smoking Tobacco Lead to Schizophrenia?
7 July 2015. A new trio of population-based studies suggests that tobacco use may actually increase one's risk for developing schizophrenia...

Clozapine Study Yields New Clues to Treating Cognitive Symptoms of Schizophrenia
16 June 2015. Of all the symptoms of schizophrenia, cognitive issues are among the most disabling and currently have no effective treatments...

1 to 25 of 121 results

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