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Note: We have included some relevant news stories written for our partner site, the Alzheimer Research Forum
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News Brief: Stem Cells From Schizophrenia Patients Secrete Neurotransmitters
22 September 2014. Researchers report that they have been able to generate cells that synthesize and secrete neurotransmitters from stem cells derived from people with schizophrenia...

Reading Skills Decline in Schizophrenia
18 September 2014. People with schizophrenia show profound reading impairments, which correlate with lower socioeconomic status...

New Genetic Almanac Should Help Scientists Understand GWAS Hits
9 September 2014. Researchers have created a database of expression-quantitative trait loci that somehow influence the expression of one or more genes...

ENCODE Expands Analysis of DNA Regulation
9 September 2014. Five papers detail the latest results from ENCODE and modENCODE, adding more than 1,600 novel transcription datasets and bringing the new total to 3,300...

Study Links OCD and Schizophrenia
9 September 2014. A diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) increases risk for developing schizophrenia...

Electroconvulsive Therapy Is Promising for Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia
5 September 2014. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can powerfully diminish psychotic symptoms in those who get no relief from antipsychotics...

Thinking About Thinking Has Lasting Benefits in Schizophrenia
4 September 2014. Short‐term group metacognitive training is able to reduce delusions and improve self‐esteem and quality of life in patients with schizophrenia...

Boosting Memory Through Stimulation of a Brain Network
2 September 2014. Can magnetic pulses—delivered to the head with a hand‐held device—fine‐tune brain circuits involved in memory?...

Ketamine Elicits Brain State Resembling Early Stages of Schizophrenia
26 August 2014. Blocking glutamate receptors with ketamine produces a state of hyperconnectivity in the prefrontal cortex that most resembles that found in early stages of schizophrenia...

SIRS 2014—Connecting Clinical and Preclinical Research
22 August 2014. The April 7 SIRS 2014 plenary session focused on three aspects of schizophrenia symptoms: psychosis, motivation, and social cognition...

Stem Cells and TALENs Bring DISC1 Back in the News
18 August 2014. DISC1 returns to center stage, thanks to a marriage of stem cell and DNA editing technologies...

Model of Schizophrenia Cortical Deficits Reversed With Antioxidants
15 August 2014. An international collaboration offers up evidence linking the reported alterations in cortical interneurons in schizophrenia to oxidative stress...

Whether Mild or Extreme, Psychotic Experiences Share Risk Factors
8 August 2014. Mild to severe psychotic experiences share similar genetic and environmental risk factors...

SIRS 2014—Associative Striatum Linked to Prodromal Psychosis
7 August 2014. Researchers took a fresh look at the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia in an afternoon SIRS session...

Transparent Bodies Allow Neural Networks to "Apparate"
4 August 2014. Researchers describe a technique that allows whole cellular networks to come into view in situ...

Bigger Schizophrenia GWAS Reports More Than 100 Hits
21 July 2014. A highly anticipated schizophrenia genome-wide association study published July 21 in Nature identifies 83 novel risk markers and replicates 25 others...

Dopamine Dysfunction Triggers Massive Reprogramming of Cortex
21 July 2014. A malfunctioning dopamine system can lower expression of nearly 2000 genes in prefrontal cortex neurons...

Evidence Mounts for the Maternal Inflammation Hypothesis of Schizophrenia
15 July 2014. New data from a Finnish birth cohort link higher serum levels of the maternal inflammatory marker C-reactive protein during pregnancy to an elevated risk of schizophrenia in offspring...

15q11.2 Deletions Point to Cytoskeleton, Altered Migration in Schizophrenia
14 July 2014. Stem cells derived from people with schizophrenia carrying 15q11.2 deletions reveal structural problems that could result in misplaced neurons in the brain...

News Brief: Paul Patterson Dies
8 July 2014. Paul Patterson, well known to many SRF readers for his work at the interface of the nervous and immune systems, died June 25, 2014, at the age of 70...

SIRS 2014—Boosting Dopamine D1 Receptor Activity
8 July 2014. A SIRS 2014 session titled put the dopamine D1 receptor in the spotlight...

SIRS 2014—Schizophren‐omics: Part 2
7 July 2014. The audience at the Schizophrenia International Research Society meeting returned for round two of the April 6, 2014, opening plenary session...

SIRS 2014—Schizophren‐omics: Part 1
7 July 2014. Genomics, connectomics, proteomics, methylomics, transcriptomics—"There are many -omics that are now in our scientific dictionary," said moderator Lynn DeLisi...

Schizophrenia Looms Large in International 22q11.2 Deletion Survey
3 July 2014. The largest survey to date of people with 22q11.2 deletions found that schizophrenia spectrum disorders afflicted 41 percent of those 25 and older...

Genetic Risk for Schizophrenia, Cannabis Use Overlap
30 June 2014. Genetic variants that increase risk for schizophrenia also increase the chance that a person will use cannabis...

1 to 25 of 819 results

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