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Owen M. on NEWS: Irving I. Gottesman, Giant of Schizophrenia Research: 1930-2016, As others have noted, Irv's place in the pantheon is assured by his pioneering contributions... 14 Jul 2016. 

Braff D. on NEWS: Irving I. Gottesman, Giant of Schizophrenia Research: 1930-2016, Hmmmm. . . How to describe Irv Gottesman in brief form? A daunting task for a founder of so... 8 Jul 2016. 

Gould T. on NEWS: Irving I. Gottesman, Giant of Schizophrenia Research: 1930-2016, Inside the cover of the 1972 book, "Schizophrenia and Genetics," authored by Irv Gottesman... 8 Jul 2016. 

McGuffin P. on NEWS: Irving I. Gottesman, Giant of Schizophrenia Research: 1930-2016, I first met Irving I. (Irv) Gottesman at the Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) in London in 1979... 8 Jul 2016. 

Insel T. on NEWS: Irving I. Gottesman, Giant of Schizophrenia Research: 1930-2016, In this era of GWAS and WGS, it's easy to forget that psychiatric genetics was not a popular... 8 Jul 2016. 

Francell E. on NEWS: What's in a Name? New Nomenclature for Psychoactive Drugs Hopes to Bring Clarity to Prescribing, While we are at changing pharmacological nomenclature, how about moving schizophrenia,... 5 Jul 2016. 

Reddy F. on PAPER: Erickson MA. et al., 2015, Great efforts have been made to identify biomarkers of disease risk and progression in... 24 Jun 2016. 

Kirov G. on PAPER: Kushima I. et al., 2016, Kushima et al. have to be congratulated for conducting one of the largest CNV studies on... 13 Jun 2016. 

Gottesman I. on NEWS: Parental Age and Risk of Mental Illness: More Than Mutations, "In addition, a risk factor does not mean a causal factor." Thank you for this very important... 8 Jun 2016. 

Van Snellenberg J. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: The Baby and the Bathwater: Signal and Noise in Psychiatric Neuroimaging, I think one important way we can move forward with neuroimaging measures in order have... 7 Jun 2016. 

MacDonald A. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: The Baby and the Bathwater: Signal and Noise in Psychiatric Neuroimaging, The pile-on tone of this webinar derives entirely from our reliance on pseudo-experimental... 7 Jun 2016. 

Marder S. on PAPER: Carpenter WT. et al., 2016, The issue of the title for the Bulletin may not be of interest to many readers. However, this... 6 Jun 2016. 

Kelleher I. on PAPER: McGrath JJ. et al., 2016, An important paper from John McGrath and colleagues. The most interesting finding for me was... 25 May 2016. 

Marder S. on NEWS: Bumpy Launch for New Clozapine Monitoring Program, This is a good summary of the problems with clozapine REMS. I want to emphasize that this... 16 May 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Goes FS. et al., 2016, Exome sequencing of psychiatric disorders is a challenge, especially with heterogeneous... 16 May 2016. 

Gottesman I. on NEWS: Searching for the Elusive Epigenetic Influence on Schizophrenia, I, for one, want to express my gratitude to Michele Solis for the clarity she brings to... 16 May 2016. 

Maher B. on NEWS: New Study Finds Schizophrenia Risk Gene TCF4 Regulates Neuronal Excitability, We appreciate the positive comments by Amy Arnsten, Courtney Thaxton, and Ben Philpot about... 10 May 2016. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Manrique-Garcia E. et al., 2016, Yet another reason to be envious of Scandinavian national registries that benefit studies of... 2 May 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Gagliano SA. et al., 2016, Another creative contribution from the Petronis lab. Although the sample is small and... 26 Apr 2016. 

Thaxton C, Philpot B. on NEWS: New Study Finds Schizophrenia Risk Gene TCF4 Regulates Neuronal Excitability, This paper provides invaluable data uncovering potential gene regulation changes within... 19 Apr 2016. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Reininghaus U. et al., 2016, This paper deserves close scrutiny, as it does more than just chat about dimensions for... 1 Apr 2016. 

Sangesland R. on NEWS: New Study Shows Nonrandom Mating in People With Psychiatric Disorders, As a parent of an adult child with schizophrenia I find that "nonrandom mating" is an idea... 24 Mar 2016. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Murray RM. et al., 2016, This editorial-like comment from a senior psychiatrist, Professor Sir Robin M. Murray, with... 23 Mar 2016. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Rautio N. et al., 2016, It takes courage to publish negative results that are part of the received wisdom in a... 23 Mar 2016. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Hollander AC. et al., 2016, An interesting contribution to the field—attempting to pull apart the influence of... 23 Mar 2016. 

Arnsten A. on NEWS: New Study Finds Schizophrenia Risk Gene TCF4 Regulates Neuronal Excitability, Rannals et al. provide intriguing data that the schizophrenia risk gene, transcription factor... 18 Mar 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Lane JM. et al., 2016, This study offers an interesting hint at what the genetics of dimensional phenotypes might... 17 Mar 2016. 

Bearden C. on NEWS: Deletion Model Adds to Understanding of Genes-to-Behavior Pathways, This is a very elegant pair of studies in a mouse model for one of the greatest known genetic... 14 Mar 2016. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Sugden K. et al., 2016, This is a very important paper, one that will attract both media attention and scrutiny from... 2 Mar 2016. 

Fett A. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: Social Cognition in Schizophrenia, I really enjoyed the webinar and the discussion. Thanks a lot! Regarding the effect of... 2 Mar 2016. 

1 to 30 of 30 results

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