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Gottesman I. on PAPER: Grant P. et al., 2015, In addition to the 13 articles in a 2015 issue of the Schizophrenia Bulletin that stimulated... 17 Nov 2015. 

Perrone-Bizzozero N, Wright C. on PAPER: Warburton A. et al., 2015, The article by Warburton et al. provides a new and important genetic link between one of the... 10 Nov 2015. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Loh PR. et al., 2015, The genetics of schizophrenia is becoming curiouser and curiouser. Down the genetics rabbit... 10 Nov 2015. 

Gottesman I. on NEWS: Patient-Derived Bipolar Neurons Reproduce Clinical Response to Lithium, When a superstar such as Fred Gage uses the endophenotype strategy with skin cells from... 10 Nov 2015. 

Kochunov P. on PAPER: Sheffield JM. et al., 2015, Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder of cerebral disconnectivity whose lifetime course is... 7 Nov 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Leucht S. et al., 2015, This paper addresses a topic whose importance has risen in this era of drug repurposing.... 3 Nov 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Lu Q. et al., 2015, Interesting new method from the Zhao lab. 3 Nov 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Andreasen NC. et al., 2015, A must-read memoir—a beautiful essay about a beautiful mind, the late John Nash, that... 3 Nov 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Kotlar AV. et al., 2015, A sophisticated overview in brief form that answers the query, What's new in the genetic... 3 Nov 2015. 

Ramos  B, Gill G, Pinacho R. on PAPER: Chen J. et al., 2015, The study of genetic variability in patients with psychiatric disorders enables the... 30 Oct 2015. 

Gottesman I. on NEWS: WCPG 2015—A Moment for Mitochondria in Schizophrenia Etiology, As usual and expected, the brilliant science reporting of Michele Solis cuts through... 22 Oct 2015. 

van der Weiden A, Prikken M, van Haren N. on PAPER: Green MF. et al., 2015, Why schizophrenia patients show social cognition abnormalities Green and colleagues offer... 20 Oct 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Vilhjálmsson BJ. et al., 2015, A 25 percent increase in predictive accuracy with a Polygenic Risk Score is nothing to be... 14 Oct 2015. 

McMahon F. on NEWS: GWAS Update: Putting the Hits to Work, I agree these are all interesting papers. I find the one by Tansey et al. particularly... 7 Oct 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Finucane HK. et al., 2015, Signs of progress for making biological sense out of the vast array of GWAS hits. 5 Oct 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Bulik-Sullivan B. et al., 2015, The mathematical-genetic genius of Ben Neale (son of Mike Neale) and his coworkers continues... 5 Oct 2015. 

Pearlson G, Calhoun V, Glahn D. on PAPER: Weinberger DR. et al., 2015, The recent Weinberger/Radulescu review article usefully advises psychiatric neuroimaging... 5 Oct 2015. 

Remington G. on PAPER: Zhang JP. et al., 2015, In a recently published article, Zhang and colleagues address prediction of antipsychotic... 5 Oct 2015. 

Srivastava L. on PAPER: Yuan Q. et al., 2015, Over a decade ago, Straub et al. showed that variation in the dystrobrevin binding protein 1... 5 Oct 2015. 

Nimgaonkar V. on PAPER: Xu T. et al., 2015, This is an excellent piece of work and reports heritability estimates for a range of... 30 Sep 2015. 

Anticevic A, Glasser M. on PAPER: Weinberger DR. et al., 2015, Toward Neurobiologically Grounded Psychiatric Neuroimaging Recently, Weinberger and... 23 Sep 2015. 

Nesvag R. on PAPER: Guo S. et al., 2015, This paper demonstrates that neuroimaging characteristics may predict clinical severity in... 23 Sep 2015. 

Andreassen O. on PAPER: Coletti DJ. et al., 2015, The relationship between smoking and schizophrenia has a lot of impact on both clinical... 7 Sep 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Brandl EJ. et al., 2015, Some promising signals, but the sample sizes were probably too small. Conditional analysis... 7 Sep 2015. 

Andreassen O. on PAPER: Meier SM. et al., 2015, This paper is interesting, as it brings the new genetic findings closer to a clinical level.... 6 Sep 2015. 

Peers R. on NEWS: Schizophrenia Genetics 2015—Part 5, Plan of Action, I often wonder why schizophrenia researchers do not look for the genes that cause... 6 Sep 2015. 

Kimhy D. on NEWS: Neither Exercise Nor Supplements Boost Cognition in Two Large Studies, The negative results reported by Sink and colleagues (2015) are not surprising, given the... 4 Sep 2015. 

Etard O, Nathou C, Dollfus S. on PAPER: Koops S. et al., 2015, The paper by Koops et al. is an important work regarding auditory verbal hallucinations... 2 Sep 2015. 

Agnew-Blais J. on PAPER: Kendler KS. et al., 2015, Schizophrenia, and to a lesser extent bipolar disorder, have been found to be associated with... 29 Aug 2015. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: Transient DISC1 Disruption Affects Adult Brain Plasticity, Two widely held hypotheses in relation to schizophrenia—that of a developmental nature... 29 Aug 2015. 

1 to 30 of 30 results

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