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Wong A. on PAPER: Hayashi-Takagi A. et al., 2014, These are very interesting and novel results using knowledge of DISC1 and dendritic spine... 16 Apr 2014. 

Ross C. on PAPER: Brennand K. et al., 2014, Schizophrenia Redux? Sometimes a longer follow-up paper can be just as... 9 Apr 2014. 

Thakkar K, Park S. on NEWS: Out-of-Body Experiences Undercut Memory, In a recent manuscript published in PNAS, Bergouignan, Nyberg, and Ehrsson report their... 8 Apr 2014. 

MacCabe J, David A. on PAPER: Meier MH. et al., 2013, The article by Meier and colleagues makes a significant contribution to the field. Studies... 20 Mar 2014. 

Glahn D. on NEWS: Channels of Working Memory, The article by Heck and colleagues provides additional support for the notion that common... 11 Mar 2014. 

Burne T. on NEWS: Fresh Neurons Seed the Human Striatum Throughout Life, Disruption to the striatum has been implicated in schizophrenia, as well as Huntington’s... 11 Mar 2014. 

Roth B. on NEWS: Acid Bath Turns Cells Pluripotent, There is a raging controversy regarding these papers, and there is a 11 Mar 2014. 

Green M. on NEWS: Children With Early Psychotic Symptoms Lag in Cognition, The very impressive article by Gur et al. on neurocognitive growth charting was already... 26 Feb 2014. 

Harvey P. on NEWS: Children With Early Psychotic Symptoms Lag in Cognition, The Gurs have done it again. First, they developed the first truly remotely deliverable... 25 Feb 2014. 

Hensch T. on NEWS: Research Roundup: PV Interneurons and Neural Circuit (Dys)Function, Our Conte Center is focused on the transcriptome, connectome, and plasticity of PV cells as... 15 Feb 2014. 

Geerts H. on NEWS: SfN 2013—New Tools for Rational Drug Design, Multi-target drug discovery has typically been neglected in the world of genetics and... 5 Feb 2014. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Porteous DJ. et al., 2014, This is a provocative rejoinder to the ongoing debate regarding the potential role(s) of... 5 Feb 2014. 

McMahon F. on NEWS: New Exome Evidence Points to Old Suspect in Schizophrenia, I think these studies do represent real progress. Finding genetic support for particular... 28 Jan 2014. 

Stromeyer Jr. C. on NEWS: Beyond Neighborhood Watch—Microglia Nurture Synapses, However, this paper in Schizophrenia Bulletin ( 14 Jan 2014. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Owens SF. et al., 2012, An important contribution to our thinking about optimal deconstruction of endophenotypes for... 6 Jan 2014. 

Shannon Weickert C. on PAPER: Siegel BI. et al., 2013, Delving deeper into postmortem brains may be the key to finding new therapies! I would... 27 Dec 2013. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Bentsen H. et al., 2013, This is a carefully designed 2x2 factorial RCT of nutritional interventions (essential fatty... 23 Dec 2013. 

Weinberger D. on NEWS: Cognitive Deficits Found in Controls Carrying Neuropsychiatric Risk CNVs, The latest important result from the Icelandic population genetic study confirms from a new... 19 Dec 2013. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Costain G. et al., 2013, Some startling findings from this study of genomewide chromosomal microarray analysis in... 18 Dec 2013. 

Melka M. on NEWS: SfN 2013—Different Roads to Dopamine Dysfunction in Schizophrenia, Atypical antipsychotics have been used to treat psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia.... 9 Dec 2013. 

Fleischhacker W. on PAPER: Barbui C. et al., 2013, The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Schizophrenia Trials In their critique of... 3 Dec 2013. 

Kulkarni J. on PAPER: Ramsey JM. et al., 2013, Ramsey and colleagues have recently published an excellent paper in PLOS ONE in which they... 2 Dec 2013. 

Crespi B. on NEWS: Protection From Schizophrenia—Too Much 22q11.2 Is a Good Thing, Reciprocal CNVs at 22q11.2: New Insights Into Protection Versus Risk for... 27 Nov 2013. 

Mirnics K. on NEWS: A Model Is a Model Is a Model of Mental Illness?, I think that we are often making a mistake if we directly declare what disease are we... 15 Nov 2013. 

Lipska B. on NEWS: A Model Is a Model Is a Model of Mental Illness?, There is a classic catch-22 in an attempt to model schizophrenia (and other major mental... 15 Nov 2013. 

Mitchell K. on NEWS: A Model Is a Model Is a Model of Mental Illness?, Instead of asking whether a particular animal model is "valid" as a proxy for a particular... 11 Nov 2013. 

McFarland M. on NEWS: Boosting NMDA Receptors Improves Symptoms, Cognition in Schizophrenia, Sodium benzoate combined with ascorbic acid produces benzene, a known carcinogen. I hope that... 11 Nov 2013. 

Rico B, Marin O. on NEWS: ErbB4 Deletion Models Aspects of Schizophrenia, We would like to provide an answer to the question raised by Andrés Buonanno: “If the... 5 Nov 2013. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Han K. et al., 2013, Huda Zoghbi has been a major contributor over the years to our understanding of genes and... 31 Oct 2013. 

Gottesman I, Bertelsen A. on NEWS: Data Support Kraepelinian Boundary Between Psychotic Disorders, Invigorating intellectual and heuristic debate in this Forum is kept alive by the challenging... 23 Oct 2013. 

1 to 30 of 30 results

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