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Carpenter W. on PAPER: Savill M. et al., 2014, Savill and colleagues regard negative symptoms as core aspects of schizophrenia. Our group... 15 Feb 2015. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: SfN 2014—Biomarkers in Psychotic Disorders, The term "biomarker" suggests specificity for a particular disorder or aspect of... 30 Dec 2014. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Family Roots for Autism, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Shared risk for ASDs in bipolar and schizophrenia families is important, and the apparent... 30 Jul 2012. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: News Brief: Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome Left Out of DSM-5 Main Text, Debating APS is interesting, and reasonable people will disagree on key issues. Clarity on a... 27 Jun 2012. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Meta-Analysis Finds Antipsychotics Help Prevent Relapse in Schizophrenia, Since the John Davis meta-analysis in the 1970s (the second meta-analysis in medicine; see 23 May 2012. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Morrison AP. et al., 2012, A major concern with all the intervention studies for APS (attenuated psychotic symptoms) is... 27 Apr 2012. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Attenuated Psychotic Symptoms: Risky, But Not Predictive of Psychosis, Editor's note: This is an addendum to Will Carpenter's previous comment above. Jim... 9 Mar 2012. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Attenuated Psychotic Symptoms: Risky, But Not Predictive of Psychosis, Werbeloff et al. make a valuable contribution with an epidemiological cohort that permits... 8 Mar 2012. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Howes OD. et al., 2011, Howes et al. make an important contribution in reporting increased striatal dopamine... 11 Jan 2012. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Lawrie SM. et al., 2010, Reply to comment by Richard Noll I’d like to clarify some of the main points... 27 Jan 2011. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Lawrie SM. et al., 2010, Lawrie et al. make a number of good points in the editorial; I will add several... 10 Jan 2011. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Thinking Outside the Pillbox: Fish Oil and Exercise for Schizophrenia?, The most controversial recommendation being considered by the DSM-V Psychoses Work Group... 16 Feb 2010. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Children and Teens Gain Weight Quickly on Second-generation Antipsychotics, It has been known for years that some—not necessarily all—second-generation drugs... 29 Oct 2009. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Demjaha A. et al., 2009, This is an important study evaluating the respective contributions to understanding... 3 Aug 2009. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Lichtenstein P. et al., 2009, This is a very interesting analysis and the largest and most definitive study to date. The... 29 Jan 2009. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Smith MJ. et al., 2008, It is critical to know whether the pattern of cognitive deficits over the life span is... 28 Sep 2008. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: WCPG 2007—Schizophrenia, Bipolar GWA Results Prompt Calls for Bigger Samples, Terrific update and summary for those of us not attending the meeting. 8 Nov 2007. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Antipsychotic Maintenance Treatment: Must It Be Forever?, Sarah Yates provides an interesting and informative comment touching on many relevant... 16 Jul 2007. 

Carpenter W. on NEWS: Antipsychotic Maintenance Treatment: Must It Be Forever?, I have been interested in this issue for a long time, first as a treatment issue and later as... 22 Jun 2007. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Swartz MS. et al., 2007, One of the surprising findings that John Strauss, John Bartko, and I reported in the 1970s... 13 Mar 2007. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Bettinger TL. et al., 2007, Interesting approach, but not very valuable if not informative on less expensive... 25 Feb 2007. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Essock SM. et al., 2006, Very nice analysis. There seems little reason to expect one dopamine antagonist to work... 25 Feb 2007. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Reilly JL. et al., 2007, Recommendation Only. 25 Feb 2007. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Torrey EF. et al., 2007, An exceptional acquisition of data sets for meta-analysis. Editor's Note: W.... 10 Nov 2006. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Reilly JL. et al., 2006, A solid reminder that we have not met the challenge for discovery of drugs with efficacy for... 10 Nov 2006. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Lecrubier Y. et al., 2006, Interesting result, but the authors' wisely note that simultaneous changes in depression,... 20 Oct 2006. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Dunn LB. et al., 2007, Recommendation Only. 20 Oct 2006. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Grawe RW. et al., 2006, In the U.S., at least, it appears that a very small proportion of patients are treated in... 20 Oct 2006. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Ritsner MS. et al., 2006, Interesting, but I'm puzzled by the lack of effect on symptoms, yet significant beneficial... 22 Sep 2006. 

Carpenter W. on PAPER: Larsen TK. et al., 2006, Recommendation Only. 22 Sep 2006. 

1 to 30 of 64 results

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