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Estani P. on NEWS: In Pursuit of Positive ID for Schizophrenia Prodrome—A Research Roundup, Recommendation Only. 31 May 2008. 

Estani P. on PAPER: Cannon TD. et al., 2008, Recommendation Only. 31 May 2008. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Hidden Complexity Seen in Serotonin Signaling, Recommendation Only. 26 Feb 2008. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Does Oxidative Stress Link NMDA and GABA Hypotheses of Schizophrenia?, Recommendation Only. 13 Jan 2008. 

Estani P. on PAPER: Klein TA. et al., 2007, Recommendation Only. 3 Jan 2008. 

Estani P. on PAPER: Cohen R. et al., 2007, Recommendation Only. 25 Nov 2007. 

Estani P. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: Truly Better Prognosis in the Developing World?, I think it is mostly impossible to compare the two samples that the article’s study compared.... 20 Nov 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Biology of Reinforcement—Dopamine Linked to Three Separate Reward Paths, Recommendation Only. 16 Nov 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Antipsychotics and Cognition: Practice Makes Perfect Confounder, Recommendation Only. 8 Nov 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Antipsychotic Maintenance Treatment: Must It Be Forever?, I think that the question of this research news—must the administration of... 18 Jun 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Polymorphisms and Schizophrenia—The Ups and Downs of Neuregulin Expression, Recommendation Only. 10 Jun 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: ICOSR 2007—Glutamate Regulator May Be Alternative to D2 Blockers, In the field of the psychopharmacology of schizophrenia, a lot of research work has been done... 21 May 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Neuregulin and ErbB4 Mutant Mice Reveal Myelin and Synaptic Deficits, Recommendation Only. 6 May 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: ICOSR 2007—DSM-V Stirs Debate and Discussion, I would like to agree with the general concept that the categorical classifications should... 1 May 2007. 

Estani P. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: The New Epidemiology of Schizophrenia, I would like to agree with two points from Dr. Jablensy's excellent commentary. In the... 18 Apr 2007. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Endogenous Clock and Bipolar Disorder—Simple Mutation Leads to Mouse Mania, Recommendation Only. 8 Apr 2007. 

Estani P. on PAPER: Freedman R. et al., 2007, Recommendation Only. 13 Mar 2007. 

Estani P. on PAPER: Hunter MD. et al., 2006, Recommendation Only. 17 Dec 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Brain Imaging Links Motor, Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia, Recommendation Only. 2 Nov 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Second Test for Second-generation Antipsychotics: Same Old Story?, Recommendation Only. 19 Oct 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: New Genetic Variations Link Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, Recommendation Only. 6 Oct 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Attempts to Address Schizophrenia Prodrome Show Promise, Pitfalls, Recommendation Only. 28 Sep 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Predicting the Future from First Psychotic Episodes, Recommendation Only. 16 Sep 2006. 

Estani P. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: The Lack of Delay in the “Onset” of Antipsychotic Action: Implications from the Bench to the Bedside , The discussion of Dr.Kapur and Dr.Agid will be very interesting becouse of its particular and... 4 Sep 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Frontal Cortical Areas Differ in Response to Stress, Recommendation Only. 31 Aug 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: OLIG2 Gene Supports Notion of Myelin Abnormalities in Schizophrenia, Recommendation Only. 23 Aug 2006. 

Estani P. on PAPER: Moises HW. et al., 2002, Recommendation Only. 5 Aug 2006. 

Estani P. on PAPER: Rummel C. et al., 2006, I would like to express my agreement with the comment of Dr. W. T. Carpenter about the... 3 Aug 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Gene Candidate for Obsessive-compulsive Disorder Revealed, Recommendation Only. 25 Jul 2006. 

Estani P. on NEWS: Nicotinic Receptor Agonist Shows Promise in Pilot Study, Recommendation Only. 6 Jul 2006. 

1 to 30 of 60 results

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