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Gottesman I. on NEWS: New Journal on the Schizophrenia Landscape, It would be quite interesting to see the "market analysis" conducted by Nature as well as to... 27 Mar 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Meier MH. et al., 2015, The study of normal persons who are outliers on dimensions of psychopathological interest can... 8 Mar 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Torjesen I. et al., 2015, This editorial is a summary of an important paper in Lancet Psychiatry ( 8 Mar 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Schmidt A. et al., 2014, This stimulating paper combines the notions of hubs as well as structural and functional... 15 Feb 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Jablensky A. et al., 2015, GWAS make strange bedfellows. Professor Jablensky is an elder statesman of psychiatric... 15 Feb 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Birnbaum R. et al., 2014, I bet the heuristic value of this paper will be "enormous," by providing a template that... 29 Jan 2015. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: White T. et al., 2015, It is very difficult to conduct imaging research with children with early-onset psychoses,... 22 Dec 2014. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Ahn K. et al., 2014, As the polygenic risk score analyses accumulate in the literature, it will be very important... 22 Dec 2014. 

Gottesman I. on NEWS: Stem Cells and TALENs Bring DISC1 Back in the News, How refreshing to see SRF actually generate a FORUM with an exchange of views about data,... 16 Sep 2014. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Owens SF. et al., 2012, An important contribution to our thinking about optimal deconstruction of endophenotypes for... 6 Jan 2014. 

Gottesman I, Bertelsen A. on NEWS: Data Support Kraepelinian Boundary Between Psychotic Disorders, Invigorating intellectual and heuristic debate in this Forum is kept alive by the challenging... 23 Oct 2013. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Leucht S. et al., 2013, A landmark paper (note the 140-page Appendix online) with sophisticated data analytics beyond... 31 Jul 2013. 

Gottesman I. on PAPER: Greenwood TA. et al., 2013, This is a landmark paper, one that complements the recent Lancet paper on the GWAS for five... 1 Apr 2013. 

Gottesman I. on NEWS: News Brief: O'Donovan, Owen Lead 2012 BBRF Honorees, Once again, the BBRF Awards this year illustrate Louis Pasteur's aphorism to the effect that... 26 Oct 2012. 

Gottesman I. on NEWS: Largest GWAS Analysis to Date Offers Only Two New Candidate Genes, The synthesis and extraction of the essence of the 3 Nature papers by Heimer and Farley... 3 Jul 2009. 

1 to 15 of 15 results

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