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Search or browse comments posted on research articles or SRF news stories. And share your thoughts and ideas by posting your own comments.
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McGrath J. on PAPER: Brown JA. et al., 2015, Another impressive contribution from this research group, who are using transgenic mouse... 3 Feb 2015. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Need AC. et al., 2014, This is an interesting discussion about how best to leverage the discoveries emerging from... 2 Sep 2014. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Bentsen H. et al., 2013, This is a carefully designed 2x2 factorial RCT of nutritional interventions (essential fatty... 23 Dec 2013. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Costain G. et al., 2013, Some startling findings from this study of genomewide chromosomal microarray analysis in... 18 Dec 2013. 

McGrath J. on NEWS: Psychotic Symptoms Are Red Flag for Suicide in Adolescents, This is an important study: It not only reaffirms how common psychotic symptoms are in... 3 Sep 2013. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Giovanoli S. et al., 2013, This is a smart paper. It extends the solid body of research demonstrating the impact of... 12 Mar 2013. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: van Os J. et al., 2013, Concise snapshot of some of the key issues in this fertile field of research. 30 Jan 2013. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Kelleher I. et al., 2012, This important study adds further weight to the utility of assessing psychotic symptoms in... 5 Nov 2012. 

McGrath J. on NEWS: New Mutations Mount as Fathers Age, In 2001, Dolores Malaspina alerted the research community to the link between advanced... 28 Aug 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Kim SJ. et al., 2012, This study explored the attentional correlates of psychotic-like experiences in the large... 9 Aug 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Susser E. et al., 2012, I highly recommend this commentary and the target article. The links between childhood... 9 Aug 2012. 

McGrath J. on NEWS: Family Roots for Autism, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, This impressive study adds to the growing body of evidence demonstrating that heritable... 30 Jul 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Karlsson H. et al., 2012, The study from Christina Dalman and colleagues at the Karolinska Institute is very thought... 16 May 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Ji J. et al., 2012, This is a very strong study that provides convincing evidence that individuals with... 1 May 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Prasad KM. et al., 2012, In light of the association between HSV1 antibodies and changes in brain volumes in... 3 Apr 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Gara MA. et al., 2012, I agree with the comments from Michaeline Bresnahan and Ezra Susser on the paper by Gara et... 8 Mar 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Lennox BR. et al., 2012, This editorial directs attention to the increasingly recognized syndrome of NMDA-related... 14 Feb 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Sommer IE. et al., 2011, The conclusions from this meta-analysis are promising. As the authors say, even if the impact... 19 Jan 2012. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Matheson SL. et al., 2011, The 25 Oct 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Svensson AC. et al., 2011, This interesting study compared the sibling recurrence risk in Swedish health registers when... 27 Sep 2011. 

McGrath J. on NEWS: WCPG 2011—A Capital Day for CNVs in Schizophrenia, De novo CNVs are associated with advanced paternal age in a mouse model While the... 20 Sep 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: von Kleist L. et al., 2011, There is now robust evidence from postmortem research implicating altered expression of... 11 Aug 2011. 

McGrath J. on NEWS: A Tale of Two City Exposures and the Brain, The findings from Lederbogen et al. are very thought provoking. The dissociation between the... 22 Jun 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Miettunen J. et al., 2011, Recommendation Only. 31 May 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Pedersen MG. et al., 2011, This paper adds further weight to the links between Toxoplasma gondii infection and... 19 May 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Menezes NM. et al., 2011, Migrant status is associated with significantly decreased risk of schizophrenia in this large... 7 Mar 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Kuepper R. et al., 2011, Recommendation Only. 7 Mar 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Cheng F. et al., 2011, There is a growing body of research reporting incidence rates for broadly defined... 31 Jan 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Myin-Germeys I. et al., 2011, This paper provides a glimpse of the future—assessment and interventions via smart... 20 Jan 2011. 

McGrath J. on PAPER: Selten JP. et al., 2011, This paper reminds the schizophrenia research community that migrant status is associated... 20 Jan 2011. 

1 to 30 of 63 results

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