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Search or browse comments posted on research articles or SRF news stories. And share your thoughts and ideas by posting your own comments.
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McMahon F. on PAPER: Cederlöf M. et al., 2016, This paper essentially settles a long-debated issue. I only wish they had differentiated... 25 Jul 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Rasmussen M. et al., 2016, This study demonstrates the value of population-based data in assessing the range of... 25 Jul 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Goes FS. et al., 2016, Exome sequencing of psychiatric disorders is a challenge, especially with heterogeneous... 16 May 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Gagliano SA. et al., 2016, Another creative contribution from the Petronis lab. Although the sample is small and... 26 Apr 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Lane JM. et al., 2016, This study offers an interesting hint at what the genetics of dimensional phenotypes might... 17 Mar 2016. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Leucht S. et al., 2015, This paper addresses a topic whose importance has risen in this era of drug repurposing.... 3 Nov 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Lu Q. et al., 2015, Interesting new method from the Zhao lab. 3 Nov 2015. 

McMahon F. on NEWS: GWAS Update: Putting the Hits to Work, I agree these are all interesting papers. I find the one by Tansey et al. particularly... 7 Oct 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Brandl EJ. et al., 2015, Some promising signals, but the sample sizes were probably too small. Conditional analysis... 7 Sep 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Loohuis LM. et al., 2015, Interesting approach, even though it is difficult to sort true positive genes from the false... 20 Jul 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Kirov G. et al., 2015, Nice overview from an authority in the field. Will smaller CNVs be found to play a more... 6 Jul 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Milaneschi Y. et al., 2015, Interesting exploratory study emphasizing the genetic heterogeneity of major depression. 6 Jul 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Noor A. et al., 2015, This is an interesting strategy for narrowing down what can be a long list of candidate genes... 29 Apr 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Ge T. et al., 2015, This could be a great tool for mining EMR databases that are linked to SNP array data,... 23 Feb 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Green EK. et al., 2015, This paper represents a milestone for bipolar disorder research: the first statistically... 13 Jan 2015. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Goldstein JI. et al., 2014, Pharmacogenomics has shown rather slow progress in psychiatry recently, owing to limited... 16 Sep 2014. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Georgieva L. et al., 2014, This study provides further evidence that de novo CNVs do play a role in bipolar disorder,... 7 Aug 2014. 

McMahon F. on NEWS: Bigger Schizophrenia GWAS Reports More Than 100 Hits, Those of us who attended the annual meeting of the International Society of Psychiatric... 22 Jul 2014. 

McMahon F. on NEWS: New Exome Evidence Points to Old Suspect in Schizophrenia, I think these studies do represent real progress. Finding genetic support for particular... 28 Jan 2014. 

McMahon F. on PAPER: Han K. et al., 2013, Huda Zoghbi has been a major contributor over the years to our understanding of genes and... 31 Oct 2013. 

McMahon F. on PAPER:  . et al., 2013, This very important study provides a broader context for the 2009 finding from the... 5 Mar 2013. 

McMahon F. on NEWS: Bipolar Disorder: More Evidence for Many Genes of Weak Effect?, This is the fourth major genomewide association study of bipolar disorder published to date.... 5 May 2009. 

McMahon F. on PAPER:  . et al., 2007, This paper reports the results of a genome-wide association study of seven common... 18 Jun 2007. 

1 to 23 of 23 results

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