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Porteous D. on NEWS: Transient DISC1 Disruption Affects Adult Brain Plasticity, Two widely held hypotheses in relation to schizophrenia—that of a developmental nature... 29 Aug 2015. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: GWAS Goes Bigger: Large Sample Sizes Uncover New Risk Loci, Additional Overlap in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, Consorting with GWAS for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: same message, (some)... 21 Sep 2011. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: Dynamic Duo: DISC1 and Dixdc1 Team Up to Regulate Brain Development, The high prevalence of schizophrenia and related major mental illness, including bipolar... 21 Jul 2010. 

Porteous D. on PAPER: Akil H. et al., 2010, This Perspective is important, not least because of the collective scientific authority and... 29 Mar 2010. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: cAMP Signaling Links Sleep Disturbances and Cognitive Deficits, This is a really interesting study, which should stimulate new thinking and experimentation.... 30 Oct 2009. 

Porteous D. on PAPER: Riley B. et al., 2010, Sorting wheat from chaff in genomewide association studies may well entail more time and... 29 Oct 2009. 

Porteous D. on PAPER: Hickman M. et al., 2009, This important study demonstrates the need for evidential epidemiology and associated risk... 29 Oct 2009. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: Largest GWAS Analysis to Date Offers Only Two New Candidate Genes, Thumbs up or down on schizophrenia GWAS? The triumvirate of schizophrenia GWAS... 10 Jul 2009. 

Porteous D. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: DISC1 Roundtable 2009, The online DISC1 discussion organized by Akira Sawa, Nick Brandon, and Ty Cannon and hosted... 4 Mar 2009. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: Copy-number Variants, Interacting Alleles, or Both?, The answer is unequivocally, “yes” In co-highlighting the papers from Need et... 12 Feb 2009. 

Porteous D. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: DISC1 Roundtable 2009, I am unfortunately unable to attend the live discussion, but I am pleased to note this topic... 12 Jan 2009. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: Human-like DISC1 Mutation Causes Morphological and Cognitive Deficits, This paper is an update on the original report from the Gogos group ( 16 May 2008. 

Porteous D. on NEWS: DISC1 Fragment Ties Schizophrenia-like Symptoms to Development in Mice, On the DISC1 bus You wait ages for a bus, then a string of them come one behind... 22 Dec 2007. 

Porteous D, Millar K. on NEWS: Modeling Schizophrenia Phenotypes—DISC1 Transgenic Mouse Debuts, Several genetic studies point to involvement of DISC1 in major psychiatric illness, including... 2 Aug 2007. 

Porteous D. on ONLINE DISCUSSION: The DISC1 Pathway in Major Mental Illness: Clinical, Genetic and Biological Evidence—Current Status and Future Prospects, Several of you have posted interesting comments which I hope we can pick up on later today. A... 23 Jan 2007. 

1 to 15 of 15 results

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