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Roth B. on NEWS: Elusive Hybrid Dopamine Receptor Stirs Controversy, How might this controversy be settled? As the original in vitro signaling assays were key... 22 Jan 2015. 

Roth B. on NEWS: Bigger Schizophrenia GWAS Reports More Than 100 Hits, This is indeed a "landmark paper" and one eagerly awaited by the field of psychiatry, and... 22 Jul 2014. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Nutt DJ. et al., 2014, This is an interesting and provocative perspective on where things might need to go in the... 30 Jun 2014. 

Roth B. on NEWS: Acid Bath Turns Cells Pluripotent, There is a raging controversy regarding these papers, and there is a 11 Mar 2014. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Porteous DJ. et al., 2014, This is a provocative rejoinder to the ongoing debate regarding the potential role(s) of... 5 Feb 2014. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Sullivan PF. et al., 2013, A review of evidence for and against DISC1. 27 Sep 2013. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Clarke WP. et al., 2013, This is an interesting paper from a cell signaling perspective. It demonstrates that even... 14 Jul 2013. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Thomson PA. et al., 2014, This is an important, albeit somewhat negative, study examining common and rare DISC1... 10 Jun 2013. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Geerts H. et al., 2013, At the furthest frontier of computational biology are computational approaches to mimic the... 6 May 2013. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Daumit GL. et al., 2013, This is a potentially important paper which suggests that obesity and obesity-related... 1 Apr 2013. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Delille HK. et al., 2013, This represents a balanced overview regarding the provocative proposal that at least some of... 20 Mar 2013. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Hopkins CR. et al., 2013, This is a nice review of potential opportunities associated with this particular mechanism... 26 Feb 2013. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Meechan DW. et al., 2012, This is an interesting and elegant study which clarifies potential mechanisms responsible for... 30 Oct 2012. 

Roth B. on NEWS: Muscarinic Receptor Agonists: Not Created Equal, Regarding the comment by Rick Neubig: while it could be argued that the paper does not... 1 Aug 2012. 

Roth B. on NEWS: Muscarinic Receptor Agonists: Not Created Equal, This is an interesting and important paper which serves as a cautionary reminder regarding... 16 Jul 2012. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Revel FG. et al., 2012, This is another paper similar to Revel et al.,... 25 Jun 2012. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Revel FG. et al., 2012, In this paper, a group from Roche Pharmaceuticals report on the properties of new trace amine... 8 Jun 2012. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Mowry BJ. et al., 2012, This is a timely review which gives a nice perspective on where the field is, where it is... 8 May 2012. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Howes OD. et al., 2012, The dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia, in various guises, has captivated the attention of,... 18 Apr 2012. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Domino EF. et al., 2012, This is a fascinating paper that recounts the history behind the discovery of PCP and the... 13 Mar 2012. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Lee SH. et al., 2012, This is an interesting analytic paper which tests the hypothesis that common genomic variants... 27 Feb 2012. 

Roth B. on NEWS: Does G Protein Balancing Act Determine Antipsychotic Action?, Recent, quite provocative studies (Fribourg et... 8 Feb 2012. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Kendler KS. et al., 2012, This is a provocative proposal by Ken Kendler that is worth reading and pondering. 20 Jan 2012. 

Roth B. on NEWS: Optogenetics Comes to the Rat Brain, This will be a valuable resource for those who use rats for neuropsychopharmacological... 21 Dec 2011. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Xin Y. et al., 2012, This could be a useful database of brain DNA methylation patterns. Going forward, there will... 16 Dec 2011. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Kargieman L. et al., 2012, This is an interesting paper which expands on previous findings from this group and others... 31 Oct 2011. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Taniguchi H. et al., 2011, For many years, data have accumulated which support the hypothesis that a defect in cortical... 14 Oct 2011. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Kas MJ. et al., 2011, This is an interesting commentary on the current state of the field with regard to animal models... 11 Oct 2011. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Xu B. et al., 2011, This is the first report of exome sequencing of sporadic cases of schizophrenia and for that... 16 Aug 2011. 

Roth B. on PAPER: Rodriguez-Diaz R. et al., 2011, For more than 50 years, it has been known that treatment with many typical and atypical... 2 Aug 2011. 

1 to 30 of 35 results

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