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The Schizophrenia Research Forum web site is sponsored by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation and was created with funding from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health.
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Research News
Stanley Symposium 2015: From Genetics to the Prodrome
7 October 2015. Genomics research, when combined with new techniques from the molecular to the clinical and epidemiological, was the theme of the 2015 Symposium on Severe Mental Illness...
GWAS Update: Putting the Hits to Work
7 October 2015. Last year's massive genomewide association study (GWAS) of schizophrenia identified 108 risk loci, and more are sure to come...
Catalog of Humanity—Variation in 2,500 Genomes Ready for Perusal
5 October 2015. Once upon a time, sequencing a single genome was something to brag about...

Celebrate 10 Years With Us in Chicago!
Ten years ago, Schizophrenia Research Forum debuted at the Neuroscience meeting. This year, we'll celebrate our anniversary at the Schizophrenia Social on Sunday, October 19. We'll thank the many people who made SRF happen, and who have contributed to our success over the years. Please join us for refreshments and networking with eminent
researchers, enthusiastic students, and everyone in between. And don't forget to bring new neuroscientists to the party!

Date/Time: Sunday, October 18, 2015, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Location: Hyatt Regency Chicago Downtown, Comisky
Sponsored by: The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, International Congress on Schizophrenia Research, Schizophrenia Research Forum, and the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute.
Scanner Worries: Can Brain Imagers Trust Their Data?
Click image for full-size view
Neuroimaging is a dominant field in psychiatry, occupying significant money and other resources, as well as research and study volunteer time. It was heralded several decades ago as the means to a more exacting and dynamic neuroanatomy of psychiatric disorders, but how much of the data that has been generated is true and illuminating?

Daniel Weinberger and Eugenia Radulescu of the Lieber Institute have penned a provocative editorial in the American Journal of Psychiatry asserting that "the evidence that findings are neurobiologically meaningful is inconclusive and
may represent artifacts or epiphenomena of uncertain value." What do you say? Do you feel that Weinberger and Radulescu are correct, and worry for the field of psychiatric neuroimaging? Or do you think that the field is robust and has come to terms with artifacts and confounding?

Read and respond to initial reactions from:
Schizophrenia Radio: Cannabis and Psychosis
Robin Murray
In this installment of Schizophrenia Research Forum's podcasts, we interview Robin Murray. He and his colleagues at the Institute of Psychiatry have been in the forefront of investigating links between the use of cannabis and psychotic disorders. SRF editor Hakon Heimer interviewed him at the International Congress on Schizophrenia Research in Colorado Springs. They discussed the most recent research out of the IOP but also the experimental foundation of Murray's conviction
that cannabis use plays a causal, if small, role in the etiology of psychotic disorders. Coincidently, this week sees the publication of a counterargument published by Matthew Hill in the journal Nature.
Welcome to the Schizophrenia Research Forum!
Welcome to the Schizophrenia Research Forum website—a virtual community for science about schizophrenia and related disorders. Our Mission is to help researchers in their quest for causes, improved treatments, and better understanding of schizophrenia. Read more about ways to browse the site.
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Comments - Posted 7 October 2015
Read remarks by Francis McMahon about Bulik-Sullivan B et al.
NEWS: GWAS Update: Putting the Hits to Work
Jobs - Posted 7 October 2015
Postdoctoral Position in Neurobiology at Duke University: Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina.
Jobs - Posted 7 October 2015
Postdoctoral Scholar: Cellular and Molecular Biology of Neurons: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Jobs - Posted 7 October 2015
Neuroscience Postdoctoral Position: The Laboratory of Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.
Jobs - Posted 7 October 2015
Postdoctoral Research Associate: Zakharenko Lab: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee.
Jobs - Posted 7 October 2015
Postdoctoral Position in Auditory Translational Neuroscience: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
October 13, 2015
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We invite your comments and suggested edits to these facts about schizophrenia.
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Research Involving Persons at Risk for Impaired Decision Making; Ethical Issues in Stored Tissue Research; Incidental Findings: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 8:30 a.m.

Informed Consent; Ethics of Randomized Clinical Trials: Clinical Equipoise: Wednesday, November 04, 2015, 8:30 a.m.

TRACO 2015: Stem Cells: Epigenetics: Monday, November 09, 2015, 4:00 p.m.

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