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The Schizophrenia Research Forum web site is sponsored by the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation and was created with funding from the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health.
Research News
Study Forges Link Between Neural Oscillations, Working Memory
24 April 2014. Cognition is thought to rely on the coordinated firing of neurons, but exactly how this works has been difficult to establish...
Falsifications Cast Shadow Over Stem Cell Field
22 April 2014. Scandals continue to plague the stem cell field, as three more papers are called into question...
Microglial Magic: Drug Wipes Them Out, New Set Appears
22 April 2014. Scientists are intensely interested in understanding the role neuroinflammation plays in neurodegenerative disease...

Animal Models Redux
The Animal Models for Schizophrenia Research database is relaunching! Our thanks again to James Koenig and his colleagues at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (particularly Christina Wilson on this latest version). There are several things to note:

First, following the example of our Drugs in Trials resource, we have divided the table into several tabbed sections by type of preparation. Second, we have renamed it "Animal Models for Schizophrenia Research" to acknowledge the uncertainty that we have about whether these nonhuman animal models can approach a strict definition of a model for the disorder itself.

Because we depend on the community to help us keep our compendia accurate and up to date, we ask that you please contact us with any suggested corrections or additions.
Schizophrenia Meeting to Orbit SOBP
A satellite meeting entitled "Schizophrenia: Could It Be Prevented?" has been organized in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry. On May 7, 2014, at the New York Hilton Midtown, organizers Kim Do, Hirofumi Morishita, Patricio O’Donnell, and Akira Sawa will bring together a diverse group of speakers to discuss everything from risk factors and critical periods in brain development to current drug development efforts. Click here to see the program and to register.
Nature Supplement Covers Schizophrenia
Nature takes a look at some of the most discussed topics in schizophrenia research in a supplement published April 3. SRF reporter Michele Solis penned the feature on attempts to head off psychosis early, while the other articles cover a range of basic and applied research areas. In addition, Steve Hyman and Steve Marder take on the question of whether we're headed in the right direction in terms of our research
effort, coming to quite different conclusions. The supplement has open access and contains some interesting video segments, including a visit with artist Sue Morgan, who discusses how she designed the cover based on her own experience with schizophrenia. Image courtesy of Nature Outlook
Forum Discussion: The Future of Imaging Genetics?
There has been much head-scratching about how to follow up leads about individual risk variants in the genomes of people with schizophrenia. Perhaps there will be more to be gleaned from combinations of genetic polymorphisms. Writing in Schizophrenia Bulletin, an international team led by Stefan Ehrlich of Dresden University of Technology in Germany presents data that a polygenic risk score can be associated with prefrontal inefficiency, as measured
by functional magnetic resonance imaging.

In our Forum Discussion "journal club" series, the editors of journals provide access to the full text of a recent article. SRF thanks the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center and Oxford University Press, publishers of Schizophrenia Bulletin, for kindly providing open access to the article for this discussion. Editor Vishwajit Nimgaonkar of the University of Pittsburgh gets us started with a short introduction and some questions, and then it's up to our readers to share their ideas, insights, questions, and reactions. Image courtesy of Schizophrenia Bulletin
Welcome to the Schizophrenia Research Forum!
Welcome to the Schizophrenia Research Forum website—a virtual community for science about schizophrenia and related disorders. Our Mission is to help researchers in their quest for causes, improved treatments, and better understanding of schizophrenia. Read more about ways to browse the site.
What's New

Jobs - Posted 24 April 2014
Postdoctoral Position: Johns Hopkins Medical School, Lieber Institute for Brain Development, Baltimore, Maryland.
Jobs - Posted 24 April 2014
Faculty Position (Assistant/Associate Professor): Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, Department of Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Comments - Posted 21 April 2014
Read remarks by Ezra Susser about Pedersen CB et al.
NEWS: One in Three Experiences Mental Disorders In Denmark
Jobs - Posted 18 April 2014
Research Assistant/Associate: University of Glasgow, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences Research Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, Glasgow, UK.
Conferences - Posted 17 April 2014
Schizophrenia Center 3rd Annual Symposium: 11 June 2014, Thomas B. Turner Building, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.
Comments - Posted 16 April 2014
Read remarks by Albert H. C. Wong about Hayashi-Takagi A et al.
PAPER: PAKs inhibitors ameliorate schizophrenia-associated dendritic spine deterioration in vitro and in vivo during late adolescence.
April 25, 2014
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Check out our Schizophrenia Bulletin Forum Discussion: Prefrontal Inefficiency Is Associated With Polygenic Risk for Schizophrenia.
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An up-to-date collection of all published genetic association studies.
A community resource created by Jim Koenig, University of Maryland.
We invite your comments and suggested edits to these facts about schizophrenia.
Compiled by Angus MacDonald, S. Charles Schulz, and the Minnesota Consensus Group.
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